Shawn’s is a story of forgiveness and hope. After serving 12 years in prison following a wrongful conviction, Shawn was exonerated, thanks to the help of a team from the Duke University School of Law committed to helping those misidentified and wrongfully prosecuted, in 2010. But his situation leaves him feeling as though he is still in prison here in Charlotte.

Shawn is currently homeless and awaiting a full pardon as well as financial retribution for his sentence.

He heard about the work of the Dream Center and The King’s Kitchen & Bakery through a friend and has been attending daily. Shawn doesn’t just feel fulfilled from the way he is being served but in his ability to serve others in our city. Shawn’s struggle is a fight to forgive. He says that he tries to work on it daily. “It’s something you practice,” he says. “Faith makes me forgive. It’s my flesh that makes me want to take an eye for an eye, but it’s my faith that changes me.”